Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nice to Meet You, Home - 2

You would think this shot was taken by Terry Richardson but actually it was from Dad... many years ago XD

It is always nice to see my sister Ruby. She has been in Hong Kong all these years and she knows all the nice places to shop, eat and party. She is currently in her final year of college and unfortunately November was one of her busiest months with tons of tests, exams and projects. But luckily we still got enough time to hangout and took some photographs.

We took all our shots at home, right before Ruby run to school for her exams. Here is the (mock) setup for one of the 3 compositions:

We used our living room for one of the setup. (Mom was rushing XD)

The mini-shoot was a lot of fun... although now I can only remember the super delicious Hai-Nan chicken rice after the shoot that afternoon lol. I look forward to hanging out with Ruby again the next time I return to Hong Kong :)

For the result of this mini-shoot, please check out my website

Nice to Meet You, Home - 1

The name of this restaurant described the quality of Chinese food in Hong Kong. XD

Eat, Eat, Eat, Eat...

That are tons of great food in Hong Kong. You can buy materials from local markets and cook it yourself or you can go to pretty much any restaurant and enjoy really high quality cooking. Once you have you first meal in Hong Kong you'll LOVE the city (and no don't go to McDonald's) XD

Shanghai cuisine is very popular in Hong Kong. You can find them anywhere (there are at least 3 restaurants serving Shanghai cuisine near my house)

There are a couple main differences between Chinese food in Asia and Chinese food in the United States. Firstly, fresh meats (aka. live animals) are available in local markets. Chicken and fish (and most seafood) are still alive in the market. Butchers kill them for you once you purchase the item. Secondly, there are many chefs from main land China and Taiwan who have been cooking Chinese food for generations and have all these secret recipes. This magically make the food taste good :D

Not sure what's the name of this type of fish.. Fresh from the market

Thirdly, most restaurants use a lot more oil in cooking than in the US. A single serving of beef-fry-noodle might contains 10+ tbsp of oil. And that, although make the foods taste better, might mess up your stomach if you are not used to it.

Herbs and Chinese medicines are added to many type of soups (to aid digestion, help your skin, etc etc...)

My stomach started complaining on the 3nd day of my trip thanks to the "beef-fry-noodle" and my sudden 4-meals-a-day diet. I guess it's never good to over-do things haha. The doctor told me to not eat "greasy, cold, raw and/or too much" food and I lol'd cause I did them all during the first 3 days of my trip! Fortunately it only took me two days to recover and it didn't affect my trip much.

Dried sea horses and sea dragons... probably soup material?

That's it for now about food in Hong Kong. Definitely worth a try if you are a fan of Chinese food!